super 8

Super 8 looks how your memories feel.

nostalgia at its purest.

Super 8 video is homey, inherently nostalgic, and as classic as it comes. I love its natural imperfection and joy, and the way it feels like an old home movie no matter when it was shot.

Super 8 is one of the most unique ways to capture your wedding day. It's timeless, iconic, and will never go out of style.

I can add on small Super 8 packages to existing photography packages, or I can shoot weddings solely as a Super 8 videographer.

Frequently asked questions

What is Super 8?


Super 8 is 8mm analog cinematic film (think rolls of film from the movie theater!). They were typically used as home video cameras in the 60s and 70s -- which is why they feel so immediately nostalgic.

How does it work?


I will record your event on my little Super 8 camera. Be prepared: it makes just about the cutest cranking noise you ever did hear. Then, I will ship off the film to be professionally developed, processed, and scanned into a digital format. I will edit the digitized film for you into a 30-60 second trailer and a feature length film, usually between 3-5 minutes depending on the coverage.

Is there sound?


Super 8 is normally silent. I will edit the film to music -- always open to suggestions for what music y'all love! If you want messages, vows, or other audio captured to be edited over the final film, we can add that on!

When and how will we receive our film?


It can take around 2 weeks to have the video processed, depending how busy the season is for the developer. As soon as it is processed, I will send you your trailer. Your feature film will be ready in about 6 weeks. I will deliver the film via Dropbox, in several sizes and formats. I will also upload the video to Vimeo for public viewing and sharing.

services & pricing

With Super 8, you can expect a laid-back experience that's sure to bring a smile to yours and your guests' faces. One of the best parts is the excitement over the sound of the film cranking -- everyone loves the noise! Plus, you'll have a rockin' wedding video unlike anyone else's. I offer packages starting at 6 hours of coverage, but can customize them to your needs: I recognize that each and every wedding is different!


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