Whether you're looking to dive in full-time for the first time, or focus on specific skills to better your business - I'm here to curate a unique education experience just for you.


Here, you won't find me glorifying the grind. You won't find me trying to sell you things you don't need to be a better "girl boss." Here, I'll be honest: I'll share what I've learned from working years in this industry. I will cater each and every meeting to the needs of the individual, and together we will get you closer to your specified business goals.

I have a deep love and admiration for people carving out a path towards their dreams. I have worked very hard, made a lot of mistakes, and invested in a lot into my own continued education. My goal with mentorships is to share that knowledge openly and sincerely in a place that celebrates creative entrepreneurship -- not one that consumes it. 

Welcome. I'm glad you're here, now

Let's grow your business into what you've always wanted it to be.


We can tackle anything you'd like to learn about growing your creative business, but here are some common subjects of discussion:

• Booking clients: finding lead channels that work for you

• Understanding and booking your dream client

• Developing your brand: discovering your creative purpose, and staying true to yourself

• Workflow and backups

• Improving your client experience

• SEO + marketing specific to your niche

• Business-owner basics: CMS, contracts, taxes, and more

• Increasing and presenting pricing

• Posing and direction

• Editing style / LightRoom guidance

• Shooting film + Super 8

• Portfolio reviews

A 1-hour virtual meet-up, where we can discuss anything you want in regards to bettering your business. This is best if you only have 1-3 topics you'd like to chat about.

Video Call

Mentor Sessions

in-person workshop

This is a 3-hour intensive where we will tackle your biggest business questions. We can meet either at a local coffeeshop (on me!) or at my office in Grant Park. During this session, we can dive a little deeper into topics.

personalized shoot

In addition to the 3-hour deep dive workshop, I will curate a shoot for us to work on together. This will be a photoshoot with a real or model couple, where you will learn my shooting approach in a hands-on environment -- in addition to adding to your portfolio with curated images and working with some of the best vendors in the industry. I will design the shoot around your specific brand needs and goals.




Long-term Mentorship

If you're looking for a long term mentorship -- someone to hold your hand and guide you through as you navigate this business -- I'm here to be your coach, cheerleader, and friend all in one.

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© Savanna Sturkie Photo 2021 | All Rights Reserved

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