5 Reasons You Should Have Super 8 Videography at Your Wedding

March 25, 2021

As you may have seen, film photography is resurging. Super 8 videography seems like a natural addition to the analog revival: and for good reason. Super 8, in all of its grainy glory, is instantly reminiscent of old family movies. When viewing it, it’s easy to feel nostalgic and warm. It feels like home. 

Even Harry Styles (my boo) and Katy Perry having explored using Super 8. 

Playing with Super 8 has been one of the highlights of my business. I added it on in 2020, and during such a difficult time, it helped me to remain creative, and it pushed me to let go of what I cannot control: like how your practice film might turn out…

I’m delighted that many of my clients are choosing to either add on Super 8 videography coverage to their existing wedding photography, or they are simply hiring me as a Super 8 videographer for the whole day. Filming in Super 8 causes me to slow down much more than I usually would. First, the film is, perhaps surprisingly, not cheap! About three minutes worth of Super 8 film costs nearly $40 — you can imagine how much that adds up when capturing an entire wedding day. So, I have to really wait and watch for the moments that need to be remembered.

Additionally, processing and then digitizing Super 8 film is a big cost. Since it is gaining popularity, I hope that it becomes more accessible, but for now, there are only a handful of businesses that process Super 8 in the United States. I ship mine off all the way to California! 

When I get my files back, though, it’s like Christmas Day. I don’t think I will ever get over how immediately nostalgic it feels watching Super 8 film playback: it is so worth the patience that it asks for.

With film on the rise, it’s hard not to consider using these mediums to document a wedding. Super 8 is especially wonderful for wedding day memories. 

So, why should you use Super 8 videography to document your wedding day?

1. It’s low-pressure.

For my wedding, I definitely wanted video coverage, because I knew certain loved ones couldn’t attend. However, I am terrified of being the center of attention. Ironically, I do not like my photo being taken. And I definitely did not want to be followed around by multiple high-definition cameras all day. That’s when I thought of documenting the day with Super 8. Because Super 8 cameras are small and handheld, they don’t overwhelm you. Plus, with Super 8 comes a natural and photojournalistic approach: you don’t need to worry about perfectly posing for the camera.

2. It’s not distracting

Super 8 videography won’t get in the way of you or your guests. First, Super 8 cameras are silent. So unless you want to record your vows or other ambient noises, you don’t have to worry about being attached to a microphone throughout your wedding day. The only noise that comes from the camera itself is it’s classic cranking noise, created when the film advances — but don’t worry, everyone loves that sound!  And as mentioned, they are small and handheld pieces of equipment. They don’t require a bunch of tripods or stabilizers. So the videographer (me!) can stay as out of your way as you prefer. 

3. It’s about as nostalgic as it gets

The grainy, analog film of Super 8 feels homey for a reason. Super 8 cameras were designed specifically for use by families in the 1960s and 70s (and they stopped manufacturing them in the 80s — so any time you film on one, it is a true piece of vintage equipment). Most likely, if you’ve seen old home videos, they were filmed on a Super 8. I love this for weddings because it almost looks like the moments were documented by a loved one in attendance. And you never have to worry about the look going out of style: it will always be timeless. To me, Super 8 video looks like how our memories feel.

4. It’s a way to stand out 

 Having a wedding video on Super 8 is a great way to do things differently while remaining true to yourselves. Your wedding video won’t look like anyone else’s. It will feel iconic without being over-the-top: perfect for the laid-back couple getting hitched.

5. Your family and friends will love Super 8 videography

Every time I bring my Super 8 camera to a wedding, it’s a conversation starter. All of the guests who remember using Super 8s in the ‘70s become immediately nostalgic for the cranking noise and the grainy footage. And not only is the couple excited to see the footage, but guests always mention how they can’t wait to see how it turns out! Super 8 is the perfect way to present your wedding video to your loved ones. 

If you’re low-key and laid-back like me, but you still enjoy your memories being documented in an artistic way, Super 8 wedding videography might be the choice for you. 

super 8 film video still during a wedding in asheville north carolina

If you have more questions about Super 8 and how it works, visit this page.