If you’re planning a nontraditional wedding, then every element of your special day will be unique, outside the box, and stunning. That includes the outfit! Do you want to totally ditch the dress altogether? Or maybe are you hoping for something a little edgier on your day? Whatever you chose, know you will be rocking it, and it will be 100 percent you. But it can be overwhelming figuring out what style matches your vision when there are so many gorgeous, creative options. 

As someone who has been capturing the memories of nontraditional weddings for years, I’ve seen countless fashion-forward wedding dresses. I’ve created a lookbook and guide to show all you anti-brides just how you can own your creative wedding dress on your wedding day!

Ditch The Dress: It’s Suit Time

Breaking news: suits are IN. For example, check out this gorgeous suit addition designers Daughters of Simone included in their newest line. Just like with this example, suits are modern, and very fashion forward, perfect for an unconventional bride or anti-bride. 

Looking for some styling tips for rocking this nontraditional look? You could wear a white suit with tapered pants and bold heels for a spin on the original look. You could also opt to do something a little more playful like a suit with a skirt or change up the color on the blazer. You could even have a classic white jumpsuit, with a touch of glam, like my bride Adella, pictured below.

Timeless Design: Bridgerton-Inspired Dresses

I KNOW you’ve already binge watched all of Bridgerton (and if you haven’t yet, I can’t recommend it enough). Like a lot of other wedding professionals and modern brides alike, I was in awe of all of the gorgeous, whimsical dresses featured in the show. 

If you love the show and couldn’t stop looking at the costume design, take what caught your eye and apply it to your wedding dress for an ultra-unique and classy look! Love the feminine feel? Consider something decorated with intricate designs, like beading or lace. What about all those bright, fun colors? Say goodbye to the traditional white dress. What about the overall design with that flowy fabric and poofy sleeves? Good news, big sleeves are coming back! And here are some of my favorite designers rocking the Bridgerton look (or, if you’re an 80’s gal, you’ll be rocking this decade in your dress). 

One of my favorite examples of this modernized vintage style is the Ruby gown by Odylyne the Ceremony, pictured here.

Minimalist Gowns with a Touch of Drama

Now, time for a total 180: minimalist gowns. Another one of my favorite nontraditional wedding dress ideas. When I think of these gowns, I think of super simple yet totally timeless gowns in satin or crepe. Does this make your heart leap for joy? Check out these favorite designers of gorgeous, nontraditional wedding dresses:

But maybe that’s not enough for you and you would like to *cue TikTok* add a little spice. Some of my favorite ways to build up a  minimalist gown without taking away from the beauty of its simple design is a pearl cape OR a dramatic train. The perfect example is the one-of-a-kind Gaga dress by Daughters of Simone, a simple shift dress with an amazing floor length cape, pictured here:

Or how about a two-piece gown with a crop top and a classic tulle skirt, like this brand new one from Carol Hannah. Talk about timeless meets modern:

Say Goodbye to a Long Trains and Say Hello to a Short Dress

2020 gave couples the chance to scale down the wedding without scaling down the celebration. With the explosion of elopements came the reimagination of the short dress, and short wedding dresses are perfect for the modern bride: whether they are opting for gorgeous mountain views or a classic city elopement. You don’t have the room or patience to yank around a long train as you enjoy a more intimate wedding. 

With more couples enjoying unconventional weddings,  more non-traditional wedding dresses are coming into the spotlight. With the explosion of elopements came the reimagination of the short dress. 

The short dress pays homage to a modern and minimalist aesthetic from the1940s and 1950s when all wedding dresses were short. This dress by Odylyne the Ceremony is positively blowing UP on social media! Talk about the most epic elopement dress imaginable. There’s all kinds of benefits for a short dress, like more room to dance or climb (or showing off your legs). If this is the style you’ve been dreaming of, I encourage you to rock a short wedding dress, like this one from Claire la Faye:

Who Says All Brides Wear White?

I hold a wedding gown with a pop of color in a very special place in my heart, because it reminds me of one of my very first brides with an unbelievably stunning black dress (she inspired me to chase after my dream of shooting more non-traditional wedding dress)  Since then, I’ve shot more than one bride in a black gown, and can’t wait for even more. Take a look at bride Silke’s look from last October and try not of have your mind blown:

There are tons of wedding dress designers who offer dresses in colors other than white. Whether you want blush pink, bright yellow, or even rainbow, the dress exists.

Here are some designers for I recommend for wedding dresses with color:

If you’re a nontraditional bride looking for someone to help capture the memories of your wedding day, I’d love to be your unconventional wedding photographer. Click here to schedule a call with me to learn how I can take gorgeous photos of your stunning, nontraditional wedding gown.

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© Savanna Sturkie Photo 2021 | All Rights Reserved

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