If you’re recently engaged — first of all, congratulations! Second of all, it’s probably time to start thinking about your engagement photos (eek! How exciting!). I love engagement photos for so many reasons. First, it’s a great way to celebrate this time in your lives as a couple. How often are you someone’s fiance(e)?! Being engaged is way more than just planning a wedding: it’s celebrating saying “yes” to someone for forever. 

Engagement photos are also a great way to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. I love connecting with my couples through engagement sessions, because they are fun and low-pressure. You can get to know how we all work  together, get an understanding of how I can make you feel comfortable while having photos taken, and get used to being in front of the camera!

If you’re looking for the perfect place in Atlanta to get your engagement photos done, as an experienced wedding photographer I know some amazing locations to highlight you and your partner’s love. Atlanta is such an amazing city with something to offer for every aesthetic. Whether you want a more classic and timeless look, or you want a colorful and anti-bride vibe, Atlanta has it.

1. Atlanta Botanical Gardens For the Romantic Couple

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a huge crowd-pleaser when it comes to engagement sessions, because it’s the quintessential “Atlanta” move for romantic and timeless couples’ photos. It has some of the most beautiful foliage; depending on the season, you can see tulip fields, massive orchids, and they even have a cactus house! Plus, it has an absolutely fantastic view of the midtown skyline. 

The Botanical Gardens is also located directly above Piedmont Park. So if you want photos there too — another classic Atlanta location — all you have to do is walk down the stone steps.

Additional things to consider when planning for the Botanical Gardens: weekends are much more crowded, so weekdays would be better for intimate photoshoots. Entry tickets are $22.95 per adult, plus parking costs.

2. Meadowlark 1939 for the Classic or Creative Couple

Located about 45 minutes south of Atlanta, Meadowlark 1939 is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite venues. It boasts a private fairytale-esque garden and a gorgeous white historic home. My favorite part is the absolutely huge pecan tree that spreads over a circular garden. 

Meadowlark 1939 is owned and operated by former wedding photographers, which is reflected in the way they care for their venue. Every inch of this property is photogenic and well-kept. They even have the planting schedule perfected so there is something blooming during every season.

What I love most about this venue, however, is that it offers the same classic and timeless foliage whilst being completely private. When you rent the space, it’s all yours: the gardens, the brick walkways, and yes, the adorable greenhouse.

Private photoshoot rental at Meadowlark costs $75.

3. Adair Park/Westside Beltline for the Modern Couple

I find Adair Park to be one of the biggest hidden gems in Atlanta for photoshoots. This place is perfect for the couple that wants something in-between: greenery and foliage plus the color and life of the Beltline. Take it from me: sunsets here cannot be beat.  I held my Fall mini sessions there last year because I simply love it so much.

It’s easy to park and navigate and plus: it’s free!

4. Arabia Mountain for the Outdoorsy Couple

Arabia Mountain, located about 20 minutes east of the city, is a magical location for engagement photos. While the stone mountaintop makes it look simple, it creates a phenomenal backdrop to compliment the dreamy golden light during sunset or sunrise. Depending on the season, you can run into dazzling flowers or use any of the gorgeous trees nearby too. If you want outdoorsy engagement photos that look like they were taken far from the city, Arabia Mountain is for you.

Parking and exploring Arabia Mountain is totally free to the public, but weekends can get very crowded. Weekdays are recommended.

5. Historic Oakland Cemetery / Cabbagetown for the Unconventional Couple

Cabbagetown might be my favorite neighborhood in all of Atlanta, and Oakland is definitely my favorite park (it’s actually where Jack and I shot our engagement photos!). This option is perfect for the modern and unconventional couple. You’ll get amazing colors from the historic shotgun houses and the Beltline murals in Cabbagetown, plus a beautiful palette of green and slate from Oakland.

Oakland is one of the oldest, most adored parks in the whole city. And if you’re worried about taking photos in a cemetery, don’t worry: people get married here all the time. It’s up to you if you want to amp up the spooky factor with your photos by including the historic cemetary or just use the gorgeous surrounding scenery. While the beauty of the park itself doesn’t distract from the tombstones, the stone slabs are stunning works of art in and of themselves. One of my favorite spots here is the tiny chapel, and the greenhouse is a close second!

As someone who loves working with all couples, from the creatives to those who want a more intimate wedding setting, I can totally vouch that these are some of the best five engagement photo locations for Atlanta. And, if you need a photographer to go along with the venue, I’d love to join you and your partner in this magical journey of your marriage. Reach out to me via my contact form here to get started!

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© Savanna Sturkie Photo 2021 | All Rights Reserved

Site & brand designed by Hello Magic Studio